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BOSH! duo Henry Firth and Ian Theasby

New for 2023 and headlined by ‘plant-based’ specialists BOSH!, the ‘Zero Carbon Kitchen’ will be bringing entertaining and educational live cooking demonstrations.

Come along and watch our leading experts, including Henry and Ian, cooking plant-based recipes with all-electric appliances, powered by an Electric Vehicle. 

Cookery demonstrations and tastings will take place on all 3 days of each show. Don't miss out!

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2023 LIVE Cooking Demonstrations
Timings Friday 24th November Saturday 25th November Sunday 26th November
11:00 - 11:30


Birria Tacos


Tofu Black Dal with Crispy Grated Tofu Toppers


Lebanese Lamb Flatbreads with Spiced Yogurt

11:30 - 12:00    BOSH! Book Signing BOSH! Book Signing BOSH! Book Signing
12:30 - 13:00

Tracy Blijden - Factory Girl

Spiced Rum Apples Layered Vegan Coco Anjela Pudding

Gabriele Bonomi - Vegan Bear Chef

Burrata, Cauliflower-Based Sandwich

Gemma Stoddart

Honey Sesame Roasted Aubergine with Green Tahini & Crispy Chickpeas

13:00 - 13:30      
14:15 - 14:45

Fully Charged presenters - Robert & Jack

Crispy Chilli Tofu

Fully Charged Presenters - Imogen & Jack

Avocado Brownies


Classic Mushroom Wellington

15:00 - 15:30

Pomi - Little Plant Pantry

Chickpea & Mushroom Curry

Karo Tak

Mini Mars Bars with Vegan Caramel Sauce

Denisa Kacirkova - Nomad aan het IJ restaurant

Red Cabbage Soup

15:30 - 16:00      


Factory Girl

Where unique flavours, twisted romance, and boundless energy entangle. Step into a space where vegan and vegetarian Mediterranean Aegean comfort food takes centre stage.

Welcome to FACTORY GIRL – your gateway to healthy food and a unique restaurant concept! Founded by Sofia D. Sözen in Berlin back in 2009, FACTORY GIRL emerged as her brainchild after she bid adieu to chain restaurants. Her vision was to create a trendy, all-day destination for wholesome breakfast and lunch, seamlessly fusing a crafted lifestyle with delectable comfort food. The mission was simple: preserve the brand's authenticity while nurturing rapid growth and a commitment to the future. At FACTORY GIRL, we believe in doing the simple things in extraordinary ways, keeping that spark alive. 

Our brand is all about Mediterranean and Aegean vegan and vegetarian cuisine with reinvented recipes. And it is not a big secret – we're crazy about our planet, its inhabitants, and everything in between! But FACTORY GIRL isn't just about food. It's a lifestyle, a glimpse into the future, a hub of creativity, technology, and music. Above all, our philosophy revolves around the positivity and well-being of our fantastic team because, for us, the team always comes first. And we are always ready to serve you, offering a carefully curated "less is more" menu.

Factory Girl isn't just a place to dine; it's a movement, a piece of style, a subject. We also believe in making a difference by reducing consumption and embracing vegan and vegetarian perceptions.


Little Plant Pantry

Little Plant Pantry opened its doors in April 2019 and became the first plastic-free shop in Amsterdam. As a speciality food store, we offer organic food ingredients without or with minimal packaging and cooperate with local artisan producers. Our mission is to avoid single-use plastic packaging and to promote a plant-based diet. For that reason, we encourage the customers to do their shopping by bringing their own containers or to use the recycled jars we have available for free at the store.

In addition, we have a little restaurant area at the back of our store, where we cook and serve plant-based homemade meals prepared with the same ingredients we sell in the store. We also avoid single-use plastic at the kitchen by getting the vegetables without plastic bags and, again,  encouraging our customers to bring their own containers if they want to take away the food.

Finally, we are Pomi and Carolina, a couple who once had a dream: work together in building a sustainable business that makes a real impact in the community. We are both vegan and trying to live our lives according to our belief that leading a more sustainable life is possible!

Vegan Bear Chef

I'm a chef specializing in creative vegan cuisine, committed to using local and fresh ingredients, with a preference for those with a nearby expiration date. In my creations, I avoid processed ingredients or "replacement", highlighting the wonders of vegetables as real "alternatives". In addition to delightful dishes, I offer culinary experiences that harmonize with the world of art, concerts, and various events. I create food that goes beyond flavor, turning it into a true value addition, an experience that engages the other senses and emotions.

My cuisine is a celebration of creativity and sustainability, with a touch of surprise in every dish. I'm also a "veggieese" developer: I'm making cheese alternatives from fresh vegetables, without nuts and coconut oil. I published my first cookbook "It's my kind of vegan story" with traditional Italian recipes twisted into a modern plant-based version in 2021.

Karo Tak

Karo Tak started her vegan cooking career at the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in Australia in 2012. Inspired by that experience she released her own cookbook: “Karo’s Nutritious & Delicious Cruelty-Free Dishes” in 2013. She facilitated vegan events, educational programs & cooking workshops all over the world for nearly a decade. She worked as a Head Chef at “LENTILS AS ANYTHING, Sydney” a vegan restaurant and she co-founded “FOODPRINTZ CAFE” a vegan cafe which incorporated yoga, education and mindful living in Lisbon, which ran successfully for nearly four years, alongside the cafe she ran her own vegan cheese company called: “Gopal Vegan Cheese”.

Karo currently works part-time as a chef at “BLOEM” a vegan cafe/restaurant in Amsterdam and focuses on cooking and catering for yoga and Ayurveda retreats with her company “The Pink Kitchen”. Besides being a chef, she is also an Ayurvedic Coach, Yoga Teacher and has her own podcast: “go for your life”.


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