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Naima Kassem

Naima Kassem

Senior Manager, Windkrach

My name is Naima Kassem. After completing my studies in Technical Business Administration, I have held various management and board positions. My career began in the commercial sector, but I soon transitioned to the energy industry. This sector intrigues me greatly, both from the perspective of societal relevance and from organizational and business perspectives.

After many years of working in the fields of education, infrastructure development, and asset management at a grid operator, I wholeheartedly made the move to Windkracht 5. This allows me to have a more substantial impact on a larger scale. Currently, I serve as the theme lead within "Mensen Maken de Transitie” (MMT), with a specific focus on charging infrastructure. MMT is a collaboration of 8 national entities involved in the execution of the energy transition. Our group includes construction companies, installers, grid operators, educational and research institutions, and our collective mission is to create a sustainable built environment. By working together, learning from each other, and innovating, we accelerate the implementation of the energy transition. We draw lessons from practical experience to make improvements and potentially apply them at a national level.

In addition to my involvement with MMT, I also hold the role of Lead Transformation at Cosun Beet Company. As a Lead Transformation at Cosun Beet Company, I embrace Cosun's ambition to become the world's greenest, most innovative, and most successful sugar beet processor.



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