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Michael Harlaar

Michael Harlaar

My Name is Michael Harlaar, born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Did start in the world of elektrotechnique in 1984. I did work for AEG Nederland, after that I did switch to ABB, who I did work for 12 years in the industrial components and later become specialist in MDP and MCC(low voltage), after that change to Siemens, which work for, for 18 years MDP/MCC/Medium Voltage/PAC and now I am working for Phoenix Contact at the ICE components. My daily work is the world of Elektrotechnique and I am busy at the socials to make news from the newest developments there are. The world of Elektrotechnique is now generally on the focus by a big audients. There has never been a time like this with such great amount of developments.


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