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13 Nov 2023

Cargo Cycling Introduces the new Chariot FS2 at the International Cargo Bike Festival (ICBF) / Fully Charged Live Europe!

Cargo Cycling Stand: 432
Cargo Cycling Introduces the new Chariot FS2 at the International Cargo Bike Festival (ICBF) / Fully Charged Live Europe!
Chariot FS2 the ultimate last mile cargo bike solution
Cargo Cycling Introduces the new Chariot FS2 at the International Cargo Bike Festival (ICBF) / Fully Charged Live Europe!

Driven by Data and Innovation

Drawing on years of field experience and leveraging data collected from IoT devices and sensors, the Chariot FS2 is a product of data-driven innovation. This meticulous approach ensures that the Chariot FS2 exceeds the expectations for heavy B2B use.


Engineered to effortlessly handle substantial volumes (up to 1700 L) and weights (up to 200 kg payload), the Chariot FS2 rides as smoothly as a standard two-wheel e-bike. How? The Chariot has a unique tilting mechanism that optimizes steering, corner stability, and user-friendliness. Specifically designed for low maintenance and maximum uptime, the Chariot FS2 excels in high-intensity city logistics.


Unmatched Performance

The Chariot FS2 offers a superior driving experience by combining the distinctive tilting system with two cargo power motors in the rear. Add front fork suspension and independent rear wheel suspension to its low and flexible centre of gravity, and the Chariot FS2 delivers unmatched smooth cornering without the risk of tipping over.


Simplified Maintenance, attractive TCO

The smart design of the Chariot FS2 including the application of the Mando chainless e-pedal generator reduces complexity and simplifies maintenance. The integration of in-house designed components and heavy-duty parts from the motorbike industry minimizes wear and tear. In the FS2, critical parts are easily accessible for repairs, ensuring quick and hassle-free servicing.


The IoT module not only connects the Chariot FS2 to an online platform for fleet management and service and maintenance, it also provides data that helps enhance driver safety as well as reduce vehicle downtime. All contributing to an attractive total cost of ownership (TCO).


Tailor-Made Modular Cargo Box Solutions

The Chariot FS2's rear frame features a modular design, accommodating various cargo box solutions of up to 1.7m3 and supporting a payload of up to 200 kg specified to meet the customers needs. Having the full production process in-house allows for customization options for frame colour and cargo box solutions to meet specific needs.


Quotes by some by the industry leading partners that have supported the development of the Chariot FS2:


The Chariot FS2, a new generation eCargo trike, impressed me with its dynamic performance and spacious cargo area. It incorporates essential safety features and, when paired with the Mando SPM Pedalrite system, eliminates chain-related components for reduced operational costs and maintenance expenses. With these remarkable features, I believe the Chariot FS2 will establish a new benchmark in the eCargo market.

Jeff Chang, General Manager of Mando Corporation Europe GmbH


As usual, Cargo Cycling has managed to inspire the industry with its disruptive ideas. The Chariot FS2 is one of the most innovative vehicles on the market. We, the AES AKku Energie Systeme GmbHh, are very proud to supply this fantastic vehicle with energy.

Matthias, Behlke, Managing Partner ofAES AKku Energie Systeme GmbHh


About Cargo Cycling and Nijland Cycling

Introducing Cargo Cycling, a renowned brand from Nijland Cycling, dedicated to helping businesses in shaping a brighter tomorrow. Cargo Cycling provides an impressive line-up of electric cargo bikes tailored to address the varied requirements of forward-thinking business clients seeking zero-emission city logistics solutions. By developing innovative answers to the demands of customers who are committed to improve the efficiency, flexibility, and cleanliness of their urban logistics, we are here to make a difference. Together. We Deliver!

For more information:


Nijland Cycling has established itself as a prominent Dutch bicycle manufacturer. A family business with a rich history of over three decades marked by innovation and excellence. A dedicated workforce is primarily engaged in production, assembly, and product innovation. Nijland Cycling is respected for its wide range of ‘care cycles’ of exceptional quality to a diverse range of customers. In 2020, Nijland Cycling proudly introduced Cargo Cycling, a specialized brand catering to the B2B segment, offering a comprehensive line of cargo bikes.

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For further information and inquiries, please contact:

Jeroen Beumer, Commercial Director Cargo Cycling

Nijland Cycling B.V.

Phone: +31 572 74 52 39


Fully Charged Live / ICBF Booth: 11.432

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